Maledictions pack mockup

T-Shirt 1

Available here

T-Shirt Bamboo

Also available in white

White Donut Universe T-shirt

Also available in black

Mugs: Bamboo House of Dolls, Donut Universe, Max Overdrive and Aqua Regia


New! Make your own Maledictions cigarette pack wrapper with a handy downloadable PDF!
Print, Cut, Fold, Smoke

Maledictions, the number one cigarette in Hell, can now be yours. Just print this downloadable PDF, wrap it around your favorite brand, and smoke your lungs black. Do it for yourself. Do it for Stark. Do it for the Devil.

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Official t-shirts and mugs from James Stark’s favorite video store, bar, doughnut shop and beverage: Max Overdrive Video, Donut Universe, the Bamboo House of Dolls and Aqua Regia, plus coasters honoring the bar and beverage. Aqua Regia flasks and stickers are available too!

Stark had to steal his T’s, but now you can get yours without going to Hell and back. Guaranteed NOT bullet or Hellion-proof. The mug and coasters are perfect for weapons-grade coffee, Jack Daniel’s, or of course, Aqua Regia. (In fact, the Aqua Regia mugs, coasters and flasks instantly turn the contents into Hell’s beverage of choice. 190 proof, 6.66% angel’s blood. What’s that you say? The percentages don’t add up? That’s Hellion math.)

Get your loot here, EXCEPT Maximum Overdrive T-shirts, which are available here.

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T-shirts are available in black or white 100% cotton, in Men’s Small to 6X and Women’s Small to 2X. The Aqua Regia shirts also come in Hellion Red. Mugs are sturdy white ceramic. Coasters come in high-gloss plastic with non-skid cork backing and measure 3.8″ x 3.8″ (set of 6). Stickers are glossy paper and measure 4.5″ x 2.7″ (sheet of 4). Flasks are stainless steel and hold 8 oz. All logos designed by Nicola Ginzler except Maledictions, designed by Richard Kadrey.

White, black and red Aqua Regia T-shirts

Aqua Regia flask