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The Sandman Slim series are urban fantasy tales of a killer returned from Hell.

The Coop series features master thief Charlie Coop, in tales of the comedic supernatural.

Butcher Bird is a quest fantasy about a tattoo artist caught up in a magical war that reaches from San Francisco all the way to Hell.

A mad musician fakes his death in Kamikaze L’Amour, and disappears into the jungle as the Amazon rainforest slowly devours California.

Accelerate, Kadrey’s only graphic novel, follows gang members in a future LA where a strange drug can speed you out of existence.

In Metrophage, an ex-cop turned drug dealer navigates warring crime clans, surrealist revolutionaries, and a killer who wants him dead.

Dead Set is Kadrey’s first Young Adult novel, the story of Zoe, who makes a dangerous bargain to reunite with her dead father.

Kadrey’s novels range from fantasy to science fiction, from noir to comedy to magic realism.
Sandman Slim Kill The Dead
Aloha From Hell Devil Said Bang Kill City Blues
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Metrophage Dead Set Butcher Bird
Kamikaze L'Amour Accelerate